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2016-07-19 00:01:58 by EGamingxePC

Great, I fell back in time from the future. Now, I hate rats, but need a mouse for PC. So they call it. Trying to make a path for my self, going to need a tone of clocks to adjust. I am a calm person, great with meeting people without a smile. I play xbox 360, since the world has made Xbox One & Xbox One S, a great amount of gamers still don't know how to play. Weird I always knew some people would take some kind of speed or drug to coupe, on the other hand hope I don't get virus' and hackers trying to bug or **** with my accounts'. Hell, I still manage to conquer the process, but like we all know or some, can't avoid these types of people or problems, we need to finish what has been started.

Hello my name is Kevin. I am not a ******* hero or a God. I tend to take what is given or more less, offered. I do not have a studio or ******* a team with gadgets. I do like to go off script ----- "HEY! ***** you alright, Don't come over here for a ******* hug, NO! I do not want your adapting way of life, ALRIGHT @#$^#( GET HOME NOW! That's right use your god danm mother-******* brian, SPWAN TRAPPING SON OF A *****"

Stay calm, I have a sniper type brian.

On the other hand, of course I listen to music. Electronic and hardstyle.
I know there is more to write but I'm all strianed.

GREAT! That is all I have to say since today, 19/07/206 Day/Month/Year
**** Peace.


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2016-07-19 23:26:16


EGamingxePC responds:

UGH! It is all over the place.