A Small Exclusive Content.

2017-03-18 03:08:55 by EGamingxePC

02:38. A.M. 18/03/2017
Subject: Grand Theft Auto 5, a "DLC"  aslo know as  Downloadable Content. The Import & Export content.
I just had a cup of Coffee, and realized that my favourite video game has been taken over by a group of thievies!
If you're unfimliar with what "DLC" is, I'm guessing www.newgrounds.com is a much larger site than I can possibly expand my gaming expierence.
Now, once you have this content and think all is good. You're wrong.
1.) The "ramp vehicle" was stolen by Rockstar or Grand Theft Auto 5 (five) from the Movie/Film Fast and Furious 7.
2.) The "boat car" was taken from Top Gear BBC. "Crossing the Channel in a Car Boat".
3.) The "parachute car" was taken by Rockstar from Fast and Furious 7 Film.
In the end it may be no big deal, but be aware what merchandise you use!


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